Friday, October 03, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday {#9}

OK. How brilliant is this ad? I love this. And yes, I did seek out the "FIRST SHARPIE PEN" the next time I was in Target (score! they had the 3pack!) because I saw this ad -- but also because I LOVE SHARPIE FINEPOINT MARKERS and I am always on the hunt for the BEST black fine point. So far, love the pen.

And the ad is BRILLS. The tagline "WRITE OUT LOUD?" Oh yeah...they mean me. I will! I do!

And Mr. Beckham is not too shabby, either.



Cameron said...

They are good pens? Must get some.

The only way this ad would be better is if he had his shirt off.

Wait, did I say that out loud? ;P

cynthia said...

OOh cool ad:) and the pen sure isn't too bad:) wink.