Saturday, January 12, 2008


One of my FAVORITE gifts this Christmas was the journal Rob bought for me....something I had admired while browsing together in Barnes & Nobel....something I wouldn't have bought for myself (lately I have been making my own journals - or buying "handmade" ) - but this one reminded me of the years when I purchased the "Old-Fashioned Country Diary" (whatever happened to them? I filled every inch of those pages with my scribbles --most of which is illegible to even me!) Loved that each page has a quote and the quality of the paper is scrumptious...each season the hues change--and I plan to change INK COLOR accordingly (messed that up by starting with BLACK ink.....going to swap over to a sepia tone for the rest of January : ) It's the little details that appeal to me!
So here's to the elegance of journal writing...or keeping a diary...AND....the excitement of starting a FRESH one.

And extra exciting - I have been on the waiting list for a monogrammed journal from Rebecca Sower and she wrote to me this week to tell me it is READY!! ooohhh....I will share pics when it arrives!

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