Saturday, January 19, 2008


So.... I've sort of had a "thing" about staying away from HALLMARK stores for quite a few years now. It started after I became a Stampin' UP! consultant and invested the better part of my retirement fund in card-making supplies (oh the stamp sets!) - I decided I should be MAKING cards not BUYING MORE. And so.... Hallmark was on my "do not call" list. And though I love their cards.....I didn't really miss it - and even though I am not a SU! consultant now, I still make my own cards. So flash forward to now.....over the holidays my sister Jackie introduced us to the BANANAGRAMS game and I HAVE TO HAVE MY I have been stopping in Hallmarks looking for the damn thing (how can the TOY stores not have this game?? geez). So tonight....I stop in a Hallmark on route back from a jaunt to (the sacred!) Anthropologie (cue the angels!).....but they don't carry the game......BUT......OH MY!! THEY ARE DOING THE RED THING! And just like I HAD TO HAVE the INSPI(RED) GAP teeshirt when it first came out....I had to have the INSPI(RED) Hallmark gift wrap STUFF. Hey Aimee, does Donna Downey know about this yet??

By the way....DH insists on pronouncing this "inspi-red" (inzpa-red)'s a spacial thing I guess...he doesn't get the brilliance of the whole RED thing, whereas I adored the whole business model and all of its marketing genius right's brilliant, isn't it?
(What isn't brilliant is my use of so many ....'s....)


Jen said...

Hey, I LOVE these red things too. My favorite color!

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I'll be sure to check in on you now and then too.


Aimee said...

where are you lady....go to my blog, i got my canadian package.

tres maginificent