Sunday, March 01, 2009

WASSIMA Art Journal Prompt {Week 37}

(yeah...I know I still owe for WEEK 35! stay tuned!)

This week's prompt is: WHICH MONOPOLY PIECE WERE YOU AS A KID and WHICH WOULD YOU ASPIRE TO BE TODAY? hee. silly I know...but it occurred to me when I saw this as a writing prompt ("Which monopoly token were you when you played the game as a child?") that I still want to be the IRON or the THIMBLE, and that I always did.
See there? Even as a kid my mind was on crafting and creating. Only now, I am calling it "my art." (Sort of. Not really out loud in front of the teacher or anything. hee)
Card to follow!


Aimee said...

that is so funny. i always wanted to be the shoe-- and i still prefer it.

what a telling prompt.

why the shoe- i have always loved shoes- i believe that shoes tell a story. shoes are a lot of times a reflection of the life you lead.

shoes are fun- i could go on and on.

Cameron said...

Oh, good question! We didn't play Monopoly too much and when we did I think most of the pieces were lost and we used other things. I still am not drawn to any of the pieces. That's weird, since I usually am an attachment-type person!