Sunday, February 22, 2009

GAGA for CYNTHIA's A-gCA -zine!

"To promote and celebrate authentic experimental creativity in scrapbooking and mixed media art."

Cynthia, you are living it, my dear friend! Thanks for including me on your journey! xo

Oh I am so not worthy!
If you haven't already, hop over to A-gCA and lookie at the latest issue....
I am so grateful Cynthia and I found each other at INSPIRED last year (even tho' it was the LAST day and we didn't have a real conversation until we were home and exchanging emails/blog comments and phone calls!) Loving the creative inspiration she brings to my crafting world. Love that through her, I discovered SISTV and Miss Sandy, and all the other Leading Ladies she discovered & recruited! And now I am loving being a part of the A-gCA 'zine! xo


cynthia said...

Hi Sweet Sooz. I am at My Mom's house for a couple of days with little access to the internet. :) finally got some:) and I am so so glad for your friendship. Oh why couldn't we live nearer:) Though I think that might be dangerous. We might not get any thing done:)

Chris said...

Just stopping by to say hi from Art Journaling 102. I too love Cynthia's A-gCA zine and I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I got the first issue and discovered that I was in it. So cool! Looking forward to making lots of creative messes in the class. See you in the galleries!

Aimee said...

oh, you are worthy- you are.

here's to you, pretty, pretty princess.

ohhh, and i can so see you at the SIS TV event---- are you going?