Sunday, March 15, 2009


I keep coming back to comfort and nostalgia lately. This week's prompt is an Ode to MILK & COOKIES.

Lately, Rob and I have been baking mini-batches of cookies (what says "comfort" more than the smell of fresh-baked cookies? Not to mention that first bite, still warm from the oven? And nothing is better than seeing Little Miss Sirryha indulging in a bit of chocolate goodness! Surely no other toddler chews his/her food so cutely? Surely. hee.)

And last night, we had dinner out with my sis- and bro-in-law, and R's cousins Jill and David at Bridget's Steakhouse in Ambler. YUM-O food and good company---we don't get enough of these moments together lately! And the perfect ending to our dinner was the chef's interpretation of MILK & COOKIES for dessert. (A glass of vanilla mousse for dipping your stack of chocolate chip and sugar cookies in! SINFULLY DELISH!) Sorry I don't have a photo to share! (Really sorry that I didn't pack up the last two to bring home!)

And with those thoughts in my mind this card came together quicky. Collage bits are from my Art Journal 102 class with Dina Wakely & the Elmo pic cracks me up every time I see it (Sirryha tries to feed her "faux" cookies we made for her kitchen to every human, animal and dolly in the house!).

Here's wishing you a happy Sunday! (Off to the mall to meet up with Jackie and in hand, as requested by Miss M!)


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Cameron said...

Super cute card and I love the story! :) Elmo as Cookie Monster, hee hee! :)