Sunday, March 29, 2009


(Edited..oops! this is WEEK 41, not 42!)

Only eleven weeks (not ten!) left in our DECK! Wow.

OK...this week's card is inspired by my PLAYDATE (Wed) with AIMEE (Aim, how did we NOT take any pictures???). It went by TOO FAST and made me wish we were next-door neighbors so we could spend more time together laughing, shopping and creating. And then Miss Katie (Aimee's daughter) was home from school and we chatted about her American Girl Doll (Julie) and her upcoming trip to NY to the American Girl Store....and it reminded me of playing dolls with my BFF when I was a little girl (Angie Smith, I miss you!) - especially the hours of fun we had playing with PAPER DOLLS (and making our own clothes for them--Angie was a way better designer than I!)

So...this prompt is "WHAT FUN THING (or PERSON) DO YOU MISS FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD? {Seriously -I really miss paper dolls!}


Cameron said...

Great prompt and card, Sooz! And I love your new banner! :)

Aimee said...

hey- i miss you and your super artsy fantabulousness.

can't wait for our road trip.

cynthia said...

Oh sooz adore the new banner:) And love the newest card:) Oh from childhood, I miss playing outside all day:) thank you again for your sweet e-mail today. It made my day!!!