Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Projects and a New Tradition

I was strolling through Target on Sunday, killing time while waiting for my photos to be developed...and saw the Making Memories kits in the crafts aisle. Couldn't resist the Advent Calendar...how cute is this? Took about an hour to create....some rub-ons and precut patterned paper (lovely tiny prints....I want more of it!) and some embellishments. Love the little drawers--perfect little squares.

So I explain to my Jewish DH the purpose of an Advent Calendar - and how we could just use it to leave little notes to each other (a daily ritual of late) - because we surely don't need any CANDY! And yesterday--I came home to find a note next to the box, tucked into a new book that was on my Christmas list! How sweet! So into box #3 went the note. Won't it be fun to reread them all next year?

And then today....he came home from the grocery store with the December OPRAH magazine and a note! (Lovin' this new tradition! But I need to come up with some goodies to go with his notes now!)

Thanks, Lovey. xo

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Aimee said...

i absolutely love that Making Memories thing...I love it.

i am going to Target this morning to see if they have it. I would love to do the little note tradition with my dave.

Thank you for the inspiration my dear!