Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Big Reveal!

At last I can post some pics from the scrapbook we made for my SIL's 40th! This is my FAVORITE milestone birthday gift to create/give. Start with a blank scrapbook/album (love the KOLO ones--perfect size and easy to add pages as they are contributed--tho' the books get a bit unwieldy when there are more than 20 pages....I should try a three ring binder style next time.)

First, create an instruction sheet and send to friends/family along with a blank page and some "starter prompts" (e.g., "Lynne Defined;" "Lynne's Favorties at 40").

I then do a few "all about you" pages - and fill in any blank pages (the backs of those who only do one side, for example.)

For the cover, I made a MINI version of the invite (so loved the way the party invites turned out---thanks again to JOURNAL REVOLUTION Seesters Linda and Karen for the inspiration!) are some pages....
The cover:

And the "title page":

And a pocket to hold the party invite, and the "Lynne Defined," "Lynne Dislikes," and "Lynne's Favorites at 40" pages:

My hubby's pages (for his sister)--he wrote the note, picked the photos and chose the patterned paper layout (I did the putting together....great team effort! I will make a scrapper of him yet!):

A few more...don't want to post without the permission of the creators...all the pages were different and sweet and thoughtful and loving and funny....(my nephews wrote the sweetest things for their mom --not to mention her hubby!! he did a whole page where he wrote "I love you" in 21 languages!....I'll ask if I can post them before adding them here....) - Oh--and the envelopes are for those who sent in notes to be included in the book.


Aimee said...

so beautiful...can you imagine how wonderful that will be for her to go through in 20 years.

to me, that is the real beauty of scrapbooking, not that i have experinced it but going back after many years and looking though-WOW!

oh, and did you see Donna's site- I will flip if they pull your name or mine!!!!!

Linda Woods said...

This turned out so wonderful! WOW!!!