Monday, March 27, 2006

I am officially a BLOGGER!

How about that? I have been inspired by all my favorite scrapbooking/journaling/stamping artists (mostly DONNA DOWNEY--YOU ROCK GIRL!) and their BLOGS. Went to a scrapbook class in Quakertown this weekend and made some new friends - one of whom promised to read my BLOG if I made one (and I hers!) so here it is!

Sisters---what do you think of this? Will you blog with me?



Anonymous said...

GO girl! This is awesome!! LOVE this idea :) Looking forward to your pictures and links!

La La

mchluv1 said...

Hi my friend! She made me this wonderful Bo Bice Love book. I drool over it everyday. Awesome pics and groovy guitars...she's the bomb! Thanks Sooz. Hope you can post a pic of the Rock God and the book! Will be blogging with you...Much luv!

Anonymous said...

I think I did this wrong...I emailed you...ok let's try this again! I wanna be you...your the coolest! How do you do the things you do? Love ya sister!

Aimee said...

found it....can't wait to do the ten questions on my are my official INSPIRATION! LOL