Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hip Hobo Chick

That's what I wanna be! Getting my start with my latest obsession/possession - my Peach Suede Gap Hobo bag (happy birthday to me, from Rob. Thanks honey! I love it!)

Just a little peek at something that makes me smile and think of SPRING. I love peach/coral now! (and my attempt at uploading a PHOTO!)

I am in the market for CROCS next----but what COLOR?????? Purple? Orange? Lime? decisions decisions. (and NO--it isn't cause all the crafty ladies had them at the MLPA class!! I discovered them WEEKS ago!)


Aimee said...

jess just got sage green and they are hot

Aimee said...

i am talking about message wasn't clear....tootles

mchluv1 said...

Hi Sooz, Hi Aimee,

I vote for Orange...just because!

mchluv1 said...

changed my mind...I vote purple. But are you listening to me...probably not! Are we shopping today?