Thursday, March 30, 2006

Donna D Class Photos!

Last night I stopped at SAM's CLUB to get my LAST ROLL OF FILM EVER developed (I hope! gonna go DIGITAL!) I am always so eager to see my pics, then so disappointed that I never look as movie-star good as I expect. What is the deal with that?! ha ha

But these are too cool not to share! First, I give you my fellow scrapping queen gal pals at the MLPA class on Saturday - Aimee and Jessica! (Note the arm waving the pink book behind Aimee's head? That is Diva Donna Downey - scrapbooking queen of all queens teaching the class! Our heroine!) doesn't end there!! I showed Donna D the JLO 'n BO book I made for my dear friend Jan - and found out she TOO is a huge Bo Bice fan. She immediately plugged me in to her iPod - on which Bo's "THE REAL THING" was playing. How cool is THAT?

Alas--our class came to an end all too soon. But not before I got Donna D to autograph my books and, of course, Jan and Bo's book!! That's the real thing!


mchluv1 said...

Bo Bice Rocks and so do you Susan! I love my book you made me and I love all your photos here! YOU look FAB-U-LAS!!!

You are turning out to be as awesome blogger...hope your site doesn't crash with all the traffic that will be coming.

Love ya girlfriend! Need to go drool over my Bo love book now....yowsa!

Aimee said...

Hey-loving your blog...great pics of the DD day...don't especially love the double chin I am sporting but embrace your whole self, right?

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Been secretly lurking...checking out your it! So proud of Aimee and you for starting..hope to be able to crop with you again! ~ Jessica

Sooz said...

Hey Aimee and Jess! Let me know next time you plan to visit Memory Lane PA....I am going to need a fix soon....would love to meet up with you there! Perhaps we can schedule a crop night? Tootles! (and do NOT have a double chin! puleeeze!)