Saturday, October 24, 2009

Philly2Phoenix 9Patch Girls!

Oooh.....still a few patches to go (no pressure, Danielle, honest!), but I couldn't resist starting to lay these out to see what it will look like all together! I am thinking of white sashing ala this example: (oh how I love everything this lady makes!)....and definitely the border with the extra rows of the strips from the patches.

Hmmm....I started to lay mine out as 8 blocks wide by 9 blocks long....but I am going to switch to 7 x 10 like Amanda Jean's. I don't like SQUAREish quilts...not sure why?
It's raining's been gray all day...perfect day to stay inside and play and then have a nap! Sirryha Hope, age 2. Recharging! xo

Seriously--is that the prettiest little princess ever?


cynthia said...

Oh she is the cutest ever:) looks so comfy:) And I am adoring that quilt:) Wow.

Cameron said...

Oooooh, I love it with the white sashing!!! And yes, she is the cutest EVER! :)

Stella said...

ooh the squares look good all laid out!!! So excited to have them all and begin sashing!!!!