Thursday, August 27, 2009

Patchwork & Pillowcases

Taken with my cellphone camera....early this morning before leaving for work. sigh.
I didn't want to leave it!

I love this blog by Alicia Paulson and today my love grew even greater when she offered up a free embroidery pattern for pillowcases at Sew Mama Sew! Queen Anne's Lace....oh how lovely, eh? I want to stitch some of these for our bed.... go with the new patchwork coverlet I am working on!

A few weeks ago, I decided to stop HOARDING my favorite fabrics and just CUT INTO THEM. I picked out my favorites and every few nights I cut 2 to 4 8" squares of each, and just started stacking them in one of my "work in progress trays" (um...yeah, I do have a dozen or so of them going at any given time. Any other questions?) Moving along....

So...last night, I started piecing them together in rows of 8. OH...but first I divied up my piles into "greens/blues," "pinks/reds," and "oranges" (cause those were the main colors in my "favs" it seems).
I pieced the first row, then eyeballed the selections for the next row, being sure that the same fabrics did not touch. And sure I moved down the rows, I realized how SIMILAR my fabrics were. Not enough DARKS and not enough small scale prints. I guess I tend to just "like what I like" and pick up the same fabrics over and over again. I just marvel at the "queens of quilting" who can design a whole colorway of fabrics that JUST GO TOGETHER and those who can whip up a scrappy quilt with "oh, just some stuff from my stash" and have it look just so right.

Interesting thing? The fabrics I LOVE on the bolt are NOT my favs in the actual quilt top....and those I almost passed over, I ended up cutting more squares of to sprinkle among the rows. I think I finally get the "add sparkle" terminology I keep seeing when reading about fabric selections in quilting patterns.
And so to bed!


Aimee said...

your header is so coolllllll....

and the quilt and the sewing and the crafties.

oh, i miss you.

and bah humbug- off to write some papers for graduate work.

Jilliene Designs said...

beautiful! How is your sister? I'm thinking of you and praying for u all...
love u