Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yo, yo, yo...YO YO!

Yo-yo-ing right along here.....this is a great portable project for me right now - plus one I can do on my lap at night while watching tv, chattin' with the hub, etc. (Plus Little Miss likes to sort the yo-yo's and dump them and then rebag when she repeated the colors with me...then started to announced the colors each time by herself - "blue blue blue" (until you prompt -- "oh that is a green one!" and then the next bunch "green green green" -- hee.)

And the documentress* in me had the idea to lable 24 baggies to keep these babies corralled and CAT-HAIR FREE (ish) - figured the lablels will tell the story of where we were and what was happening as each batch of yo-yo's (49 = one 12" square) is completed.

(*I know it's not a word...but it should be, don't you think?)

1 comment:

Cameron said...

VERY cool, Sooz! Love the story and your idea of the baggies and the new word! Love it! :)