Sunday, June 14, 2009


UFO=UNFINISHED OBJECT. And anyone who crafts/sews/quilts/paints/scrapbooks/creates knows how these things PILE UP.

Yesterday I finished my SILs quilt (started circa 11/2007-why won't that photo ROTATE?).....and my nephew's bar mitzvah book was returned to him....on his SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY (sinful, I know!)

A few weeks ago I unearthed a pillow I started for my sister Lisa's birthday about NINE YEARS AGO. I had just bought my sewing machine and was making PILLOWS .....this one required a ruffle with a second layer of braided trim. You can imagine why THAT got set aside (the ruffle had been made and gathered, the trim and ruffle were pinned to the edge--all that was left was to SEW IT TOGETHER and stuff! Of course I had to steam the HECK out of it to get the wrinkles out (the front was a linen piece I had cross-stitched). So that was delivered to her over Memorial Day Weekend. Better late than never!

Still in the UFO pile:

  1. my nephew David's Christmas stocking (he is ELEVEN)

  2. my nephew Max's Christmas stocking (he is turning 7 in August!)

  3. my niece Mikayla's Bitty Baby Chair (she is 14....Bitty Baby is long since been turned in for more TWEEN pursuits!)....

  4. my wedding and honeymoon photos are not properly "scrapbooked" - and

  5. Sirryha is going to be two next month and her scrapbook for this past year is mighty thin.
But for today, I am happy to have another project or two checked off the master list!


Stella said...

I love when UFOs get finished! I've been working on some projects that have been making my fingers itchy. It's been a lovely crafty weekend!

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious! i too have a TON of UFO' last count I think it was 15. Yikes! And I keep coming up with more things I want to do...ah well, a crafter's life is never dull, eh? congrats on finishing some of your projects! and p.s. your quilt looks GORGEOUS. so jealous!

Jilliene Designs said...

That is so stinkin gorgeous! It warms my heart!