Friday, April 10, 2009

Artfest Envy

Ever since discovering Teesha Moore's art journals back in 2006, I have wanted to go to ARTFEST. I have discovered so many creative artists through links from Teesha Moore's site and from reading about the teachers each year. And then came ARTFIBERFEST, which I also came to dream about....and now? In the works is JOURNALFEST. Oh how I want to go! (This is the part where I usually start talking about auctioning off a few body parts to finance the trip!)

ARTFEST was April 1-5 this year. And now some of the attendees and teachers are blogging about it....which I so appreciate and can't wait for each year. How much do I want to take THIS CLASS? How is it that I don't know any CARTOONISTS? I really want to hang with this Theo Ellsworth guy. How much would I love this class?!?! Check out Pam Garrison's class example. Seems the instructions were to "doodle blindly" with markers on a page. Then, find images in the doodles and outline and color them in. So I see Pam Garrison's and I immediately try my version (again--I don't know the full instructions, I just started with swirly shapes. Some drawn in deliberate fits and starts, others without looking.) And then I outlined some forms and used my colored pencils to fill in.

SERIOUSLY! How fun is THAT? A flamingo and a peacock and various swirly feathered friends. I cannot draw. I doodle and I color - but I can't draw. Apparently, my DOODLES can!

I can't stop...I am filling in all the blank pages of my art journals with these scribbles!


amy said...

sooz i am totally into her stuff too and was doing the same thing!!! i'm so glad to find you love it too. i was totally trying to get to journalfest myself but don't know that it is going to happen. happy doodling!!

Cameron said...

Super stinkin' cool!!! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks, lady!! :) Have fun doodling! :)

Aimee said...

i think i love you.

dodi said...

You need to print this stuff!! Your eye sees things and can draw things that most cannot!

You need to share this with the World! And you could if you'd do this:


cynthia said...

Oh so lovely sooz. I had to come and visit. And get my creative sooz fix:)

jen said...

oh my stinkin' heck! ((grin)) i wanna go to journalfest!!!