Sunday, February 22, 2009

Um-yeah. I think I jinxed myself....

....with my cocky "2009? Bring it." banner!

I had such good intentions for JANUARY! Four projects to finish now that the holidays were over (three of which are LONG overdue!) and here it is the last week of February and only ONE of them is checked off the list!

Wha? where did the hours go? No need to answer that one.

Onward we I am re-re-re-organizing my desk area and craft space(s). And yes...the PLURAL is because I slowly take over every available surface in the house when I am in the midst of my projects. Doesn't everyone? I really do want to have my pretty dining room table cleared off and a lovely centerpiece installed. But it's the best surface for my sewing machine and cutting mat at the moment...guess I could scootch the PILES to one half so hubs and I can eat dinner there tonight for a change?

In the meantime---my $10 new craft table (another LSS closed. sad.) is smack dab in the middle of the family room. Note that it is NEARLY BARE. Not for long. I have the rest of the evening to get it properly installed in the corner (replacing the cardtable)....and by the time I head to bed, I am sure it will be PILED HIGH like a proper ART TABLE should be!

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Aimee said...

hey there- my card challenge is up--- photos are "stink" but it is done and up.

have fun leafing through magazines.