Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crazy Nine Patch Quilt - DONE!

The Crazy Nine Patch quilt for Little Miss is FINISHED!! Whoohooo!! Go Me!! (Been at it since 6:30 am...on and off between chores and the other things that interupt me as is my usual!) So excited to be DONE. I forgot how to do the binding - so there was a lot of "fudging" along the way....but I like the homemade look of the stitches....even though it was done on the machine (except for the binding) is by FAR not precision work! But like I told the quilt shop natzi lady who blasted my technique--I don't plan to enter any county fairs with this one. (And uh....hello, mean quilt shop lady? whatever happened to "the customer is always right?") Anyway -- it is definitely a labor of love, not perfection! Just wanted a playmat for our little Peanut when she visits....I hope she likes it! Can't wait to snuggle her in it!
I used the DMC Pearl floss and tied square knots in each block corner (or close!) - and I thought that would be all that I'd do to quilt it all together....but I decided instead to just run it through the machine - curvey lines from side to side to get more of a "puckered" look...hoping it softens up with washings and gets that nice worn, well-loved and used look.
Thanks for peeking in on me and your kindnesses --- loving our artistic shares!!


Stella said...

I spy some Heather Bailey fabrics in that quilt!!
Lovely! You make me want to spend the day with my sewing machine! :)

Aimee said...

it is very, very pretty and quite perfect for your pretty, pretty princess.

let's make a date to get together- my thursday the 12th may have jsut opened up for a craft day!!!