Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Button Blossoms

OK....who saw Kal's posting about her friends Oliver and Katie and those adorable button flowers?

I think I used every button in the house.

I am ready to start cutting up clothing to access more.

Made bouquets for the guest rooms this weekend (because I'd rather do that than wash the windows. Figure the guests won't notice if they have these pretties to gaze at!)

And these will sit on our dining room table 'cause they just make me GRIN.


Aimee said...

wait, wait, wait...you made those flowers that are in your post with the adorable vases and platter?

i thought it was from someone else's blog--- so cute, missy-

why aren't you in business?

Jilliene Designs said...

Those are the cutest things I have EVER seen. Can i copy you? I love, love, love them. Wow-zee is all I can say

Cynthia said...

Oh wow these are Grand!!! Love them. And I love your new blog banner:)

Aimee said...

Did you dign up yet for Thailand...

I heard on the news there was a girl from the Reading area that sold her kidney.

Katie said...

Who's sooooo slow! FINALLY making it over to your blog to check out your flowers! They are so great! And I LOVE the idea of putting them in salt and pepper shakers for vases -- ROCK ON!