Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week 32 - Emily Art Journal - "Quiet"

This week's prompt was "Quiet" - something surely treasured by moms with young babies and kids of all ages.....for me, not so much. People always find it hard to believe---but I don't like complete silence, nor do I require it for sleep. I most certainly was a city dweller in a former life! I'll take the bustle of a big city over a rural or suburban setting. One of these days!
This one didn't photograph or scan well...but no do-overs so we are stuck with it!
Paper border is self-adhesive matt from Rhonna Farrer, rub-ons are Chatterbox; "quiet" white rubons are Making Memories (blue metallic pencil rubbed over the letters, then scrubbed with paper towel to remove color from letters...hard to see in the photo. works better with metallic rubon paints). Gray marker is Stampin' Up!


Je@net said...

What a sweet card! Love the softy colors!

Marjolein said...

Beautiful card, like those colors!!

Tristan said...

I totally agree, I do not like things too quiet. I sleep with a fan. Pretty card! I just started the challenge a few weeks ago, and I am having fun. Thanks for letting me view your lovely blog!