Friday, August 10, 2007

more daily something.......

I love love love this "daily something" flicker group Ali Edwards started. I am completely enamored with this idea for turning junk mail evelopes INSIDE OUT...thanks, again and again, Ali for the inspiration and inviting us to play along!

I am dying to get my hands on a BIND IT I am holding off binding these til I just cave and buy it! In the meantime...I am REPURPOSING (love that word) the junk mail envelopes that overflow our mailbox each day (of that I WANT them...there will be less and less of them!)

For the past few days---I've been playing with my daily stories and ephermera and I am happy with the three I finished so far. I've promised myself I'd continue with this daily until we leave for our vacation on the 20th....should be easy since I just love this idea so ridiculously much : )

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ADDArtMovement said...

Thanks for the comment. I love your response to Elsie's Challenge!!! :-)