Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week 27 - Ali Edwards' Prompt - for Emily's Art Journal

The prompt for this week was from ALI EDWARDS (sitting in for Emily)...and it was "Junk Mail." Of course, I love Ali's interpretation. How does she do it so effortlessly? In her hands, a piece of junk mail and some paint (I am guessing that is yellow paint?) and a pen and it becomes a work of art. Love her style. So...I set out this week to find something useful among the STACKS of junk mail that enter our home each day. How can there be NOTHING I can use??? Finally settled on the DELL catalog...the paper isn't the best quality for this project...but the colors were fun. What is it about the NAMES of colors that are so interesting to me? I think that would be the most fun job. Sitting around NAMING colors of products....appliances, fabrics, car paint, nail polish (the OPI colors?! YUM), crayons, paints, EYE SHADOW, fun. Who has these jobs and where do I apply??


Aimee said...

i held on to this Dell catalog too....just loved the color idea but nothing came to me...

Great idea, my friend!

Helle Greer said...

I love all the cards that you have made for the art journal.
i'm so bad i did not keep up on those little great pieces of art.