Sunday, July 29, 2007

Troll Bead Love (and lust)

For my friend Aimee....cannot get over that we are both Troll lovers!! I have had mine since last Valentine's day .... and still drool over the stories behind all the beads....the Blue Fizz (top) is my is so pretty-mine is a deeper color than the photo appears. "Three Siblings" is one of my favorites (in honor of my sissies! i am the 3rd of 5...and when you count the swirls from a certain get five...a stretch, I know...but it works for me!) the bottom one is the one Rob surprised me with on my birthday last year -"Valentine."
Someday (when I hit the lottery?) I will buy the silver/gold PLANET. How gorgeous is that one?
Hmmm...think I will go update my WISH LIST! : )


Aimee said...

ohhh, my dear girl...aren't troll beads magnificent!
my wish was to get a bracelet for my anniversary which is August 1. my sister's in laws own a gift shop and she gets 40% off. you know, i could ask her to get you the planet bead with her discount---do you want to try?
but the rest of my story husband, dear, sweet love he me a pandora bracelet which i love dearly and will post pics of this soon. i still feel connected though because the bracelets are ohh so similar. love your beads and love that we picked some of the same ones.
twirls-let me know about the planet bead.

Anonymous said...