Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week 19 - Emily Art Journal Challenge - SURPRISE!

Playing catch up again! Left off at week 19 -- the prompt was SURPRISE. And I knew immediately I'd do my card on the whopper of a SURPRISE I pulled off on my sister Jackie. The idea started when our Uncle asked her at Christmastime (her birthday is Dec 30)..."how old are you going to be this year?" and she replied "Thirty-nine. Forever." ha that birthday came and went....flash forward two months or so later....her friend and neighbor, Lisa, approached me with the idea to have a SURPRISE 40th birthday party for our dear Jackie. The problem? Jackie knows EVERYTHING that happens in the entire tri-state area. How EVER would we pull it off?

For starters...we planned it for JULY - six months before her birthday (she'd not be expecting THAT, huh?) We decided a "ladies night" would be the theme...all her girl friends....poolside at Lisa's house....drinks and desserts. And music. My sister has been a huge American Idol fan since the first season....and JUSTIN GUARINI was her FAVORITE. (No lie--she referred to him as "my Justin.") Through the power of the Internet...we booked Justin for a special appearance at my sister's birthday party. AND WE PULLED IT OFF! Surprised is not the word for it....she FLIPPED. I still grin when I think of it...what a fun party that was!
And so I give sister Jackie and "Her Justin" at her "Forever 39" surprise party (also known as "Desperate Housewives Meets American Idol." )

Photo adhered to card, edges sanded. Label from Martha Stewart; rub on letters rob and bob studio; Pentel metallic gel pen; "No." stamp from Stampin' Up!


Aimee said...

love this card...what a fun day this must have been. you have a very lucky sister. said...

I am a very lucky sister! I have the best sister ever! That will always be one of the best nights of my life. It was so much fun-I have such great friends, a wonderful sister who would be one of my best friends even if she weren't my sister (I'd have to stalk her but she'd be my BFF!) Sooz didn't mention all the cool things she had with it-like the backstage passes..with my head on Kelly Clarkson's body with my Justin! Sooz-you are so talented and fun and I love you so much!

jan2girls said...

when's my Bo Bice party? just kidding! what about the life size poster board pictures of Jacquie with the mall hair!!! they were great!! You sure can throw a party!

emfalconbridge said...

awww, love this!