Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stella's 2009 Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Photo - Item 11 - Fresh Flowers -
Hydrangeas from our yard, centerpieces for Dave's 50th Birthday Party!

Here are the rules for playing along with Stella's Summer Scavenger Hunt:

Below is a list of items. Photograph as many as you can between now and August 15th, post them on your blog tagged as "2009 Summer Scavenger Hunt" and I'll send whomever has the most pictures, from the list below, a prize of unspeakable value. :P


  1. ice cream truck

  2. kids playing in a sprinkler

  3. sparklers/fireworks

  4. a tire swing or a regular playground swing

  5. a seagull or sandpiper or other beach bird (pelican?)

  6. lemonade stand

  7. lake-swimming (ocean swimming is good, too!)

  8. an afternoon spent reading in the a/c

  9. a nap in a hammock

  10. a fizzy, fruity cocktail/drink

  11. fresh flowers

  12. sandcastles

  13. hot pink toenails

  14. someone or something floating

  15. outdoor movie

  16. the smell of a charcoal grill in the night

  17. the roar of lawnmower

  18. a municipal pool

  19. root beer floats

  20. mosquitos

  21. a slip ‘n’ slide

  22. a farmer’s market haul, some of which you can freeze for the winter

  23. croquet, badminton, or bocce

  24. a cold movie theater on a hot afternoon

  25. sleeping under the stars

  26. staying up all night

  27. a road trip

  28. a picnic

  29. fireflies

  30. an outdoor concert

  31. getting lost for an afternoon

  32. a sunburn

  33. s’mores

  34. a temperature gauge with the temps at a boiling point

  35. some sort of indoor crafting

  36. any method of relaxation


Stella said...

woo hoo! I think you are the first to post something! I LOVE Hydrangeas!!!

Also? I totally stole this list from another blogger, so I don't want anyone getting all uptight if they recognize it, LOL :) (end caveat)

Cameron said...

I need to print out this list and tape it to my camera, then I might remember what I'm supposed to be taking photos of! Beautiful flowers. :)

cynthia said...

Ooh might have to play along with this:) so fun!!! lovely flowers, despite being purple:)