Sunday, July 05, 2009

Scraps are your FRIENDS!

Remember the fabulous stash of Anna Maria Horner fabric I bought last year? Here is another first attempt at the "wonky log cabin" square (inner logs not 'wonky' enough...I think I get it now, tho'!) Suddenly in love with WHITE sashing. (Tho' that means VERY clean backs of your square, because every.little.thread.shows.up.behind.white!) The back of this pillow is cut from fat quarter from AMH's Chocolate Lollipop line....and I used a WHOLE BAG of polyfil to stuff it.

How about a sneak peak at my "design wall" (more like a scrap of quilt batting taped to the basement door. Wonder what the pizza delivery guy thinks when he gets a peak at it from the doorway?) Hoping that masking tape doesn't take the PAINT OFF THE DOOR when I take it down? hmmm....good reason to leave it!


Stella said...

Your wonky log cabin squares are fabulous! The white sashing is brilliant! YOu can always line it with muslin if you don't want to deal with keeping the backs of your squares tidy! :)

cynthia said...

Ok Sooz you need to check out the new ready made they have some awesome quilting projects. It makes me want to seriously un pack my sewing machine. can you just buy squares of fabric? so many questions. I LOOOOOOOOVE your design wall and I am swooning over that pillow!!!!!