Sunday, December 07, 2008

WASSIMA Art Deck Journal Prompt! {Week 25}

WOW. We are almost HALFWAY THROUGH this year-long project!

Time is flying....which is a perfect segue way for this week's prompt -- (or rather, my answer for this week's prompt!) -- which is...if you could have BUT ONE WISH FULFILLED FOR YOURSELF this holiday season---what would it be? (Go for it...the sky is the limit and it has to be just for you!)

Mine is simple: MORE TIME IN THIS MONTH!

I feel like I have been running full steam for weeks now, but I am still SO BEHIND in the "stuff" I want to do (make my holiday cards, work on my two WASSIMA projects I am late sending off (sorry, girls!), organize my workspace (home and office, again), DECK THE HALLS, catch up on correspondence, etc., etc., etc.) many times do we wish we could STOP THE CLOCK 'til we catch up?!?!

So, Santa, if you are listening? Can we slow this season down a bit so I can get it all done? (Or do I need to contact Father Time directly on this one?)

Ho Ho Ho....only 18 more sleeps 'til Christmas Morning!


amy said...

sooz your cards always look SO awesome!!!

cynthia said...

OH sooz that is awesome card. And 2nd the whole santa slow the season down. I don't even have my decorations up:( ugh.