Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can I Just Move in Here?

Photo from Anna Maria Horner's (Prizewinning!) Quilter's Market Booth

Oh how much do I love these BLUE WALLS? I have been daydreaming for weeks now about redoing Little Miss's room....always come back to the lovely, talented Anna Maria Horner's blog for inspiration...
I have a small can of cherry red paint that I am using to recolor picture frames and some small doll furniture...(Christmas-y--then they will find a full-time home in Sirryha's room!)
...and tonight I am putting together an inspiration board of photos and images that are yummy to me. (And THEN I will start on the holiday cards! There's still time, right? sigh.)
More pics from Anna Maria Horner's blog....seriously--how does she get it all done? She has FIVE CHILDREN AND ONE ON THE WAY! wha? Seriously! SERIOUSLY!


Stella said...

OMG OMG OMG I want a pillow with my initial on it with button embellishments!!@!!!! I WANT I WANT!!!!

thanks for the lovelies to look at today :) it's nice to get a spirit lifter in the middle of the day.

cynthia said...

I second Stella. Ok I am in LOOOOOOOVE. Move over Heather Bailey and Amy Butler:) ME and Sooz are moving to Anna Maria Horners World:) Thank you for sharing this sooz:) DO you sew? I don't but I want to now more than anything. I have a brand spanking new sewing machine sitting in its box. OOH thank you for the post:) Sorry about the novel:)