Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sidebar please.

Yes--I need one of those cool sidebars with "scrap- book pages" so I can get a nice GRID of these going.... I'll get right on that. In the meantime... here you go, Nik!! More layouts. {Is it wrong to love the PAPER more than the pictures? I am guilty. Loving this Scenic Route "Loveland Garnet Street" paper on the "Together" page - one side is that fuschia swirl and the other all hearts.}
And I again apologize for the crappy photo quality of these pages. Will somebody please explain to me why I did NOT get the printer/scanner that can do 12x12 pages? Anybody?


Niki said...

love love love the pics and papers Sooz :) Love the photo of the SHOES at the movies! Way fun! My favorite all time night out -- going to the movies! xoxo

Aimee said...

miss you- love your layouts.

love the paper too.

Aimee said...

did you get your goodie bag yet?