Saturday, March 31, 2007

WEEK 7 Art Journal - Deck of Me

OK....back on track with my DECK OF ME cards....catch up time!! This one was for Week 7 "SHOES. THERE IS ALWAYS A STORY"
I am SO not girlie when it comes to SHOES (purses...yes...but shoes...not so much). Reason is mainly because I have the STUPIDEST FEET. They are Fred Flintstone-ish (square blocks)...too wide...too small. SHOES DO NOT FIT ME. Especially HEELS (and Oh how I WISH I COULD wear everything Carrie Bradshaw slipped her foot into on Sex and the City...but I digress...) I was born with completely inverted feet - casts on my legs/feet when I was newborn...corrective shoes until age 10 or something (nightmare. my mean sisters called them CLODHOPPERS. Yeah yeah....I can walk, I am blessed. Tell that to a kid who wears blue faux suede shoes with red stitching EVERY DAY. ) So me and shoes...not a good thing.....except:
Ugly? I don't think so!
I have four pair. Yes...that is ridiculous...but they are SOOOOO COMFY. And you don't need SOCKS! and they slip on and off without me needing to WRESTLE my way into them (I hardly need to BEND...and that is always a good thing in my book!) So yes...four pair...started with the BLUE...then the sand ones (practical--get loads of wear out of them) then the light pink (thank you MARSHALLS--or was it TJs?!!) and finally---the RASPBERRY pair (again--TJ Maxx hooked me up!). Yummy. Now I really want the WASABI (green) ones...and maybe I will be over it....

...did you know women are having surgery on their FEET to make them prettier???? hmmm...I think I'd give up a metatarsal or two to be be able to strut around in a pair of Manolo's....

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