Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

GOOD NEWS!! CATHY Z IS BACK TO BLOGGING!! YEAHHH - I have missed her.... (

And once again I am BEHIND in my Shimelle journal.....somehow my email was not receiving my daily prompts....fixed that and now I have to catch up!!

And I MISSED OUT ON ORDERING THE JANUARY COCOA DAISY kit! sold out!! dang it! Hoping the reorder is QUICK.

Trying to figure out the new BLOGGER....wish I had an IT guru to make my blog all my next life I want to be a SCRAP CELEB! Speaking of which...what happened to Elsie and the CK magazine? and where is her new PRODUCT????????

Signed...still impatient.

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Sherry said...

Susan, the journal pages you did are lovely. I really liked the "observations" circle; that must be a stamp. AND I'm a frequent reader of CathyZ's blog myself, and I'm thrilled she's back.