Monday, January 08, 2007

Ali Edwards eZine little word

Ali Edwards' eZine challenge this week is to choose "one little word" to serve as a mantra of sorts for the year. Ali started this last year (I believe her word for 2006 was Play) and used her word as a focal point, something to meditate on and reflect upon as she went through her days...what a perfect tradition to start.

And so, I, too, am accepting the challenge. It wasn't hard to decide on a word, as it is one I have tried to keep in mind for quite some time.

My word is Grace.

I want this in my life, I need this in my life, and I want it to be something that is integral to who I am....when I am long gone, I would love for this to be one of the words used to describe me. Having said that...I know it is a lofty goal - as it isn't exactly my nature to be full of Grace (or graceful....but that's a whole other story!)...but I am working on that!

This stone in the photo is etched with the word Grace and sits atop my jewel chest...right where I will see it every morning as I get dressed. I put it there long ago to remind me that I need to focus on this word to make it part of me. More often than not, it is buried under the"stuff" that accumulates on my jewelry box...but then I unearth it again and dust it off and place it back where I will see it again each day. It strays from my mind most days almost immediately....but I am working on that.

And so....thank you, Ali, for inspiring us to play, and create, and ponder, and think for ourselves, and tell our stories, and to live with intention and Grace.

Peace & Grace.

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