Tuesday, September 07, 2010

September is the perfect time for heading back to Stitch School!

A Sunday walk with Little Miss and her babies.
(Blurry, I know...but she moves too fast for me these days.
She's not a fan of the camera anymore. Had to sneak this in with the cell phone!)

How cool is this blog? And this? And this one? I am sure there are many others out there...but these are the ones I found when I searched for "embroidery stitches" when I wanted to add a few more stitches to my repertoire.

Stitches I can now execute on a fairly consistent basis:
  1. Straight Stitch

  2. Satin Stitch (but never as perfectly as my sister Kristin)

  3. Stem stitch (but never as well as my Mom or sister)

  4. Cross stitch (and half- and quarter-cross)

  5. Chain stitch

  6. Lazy Daisy (always my fav)

  7. French Knot

  8. Split stitch

  9. Bullion stitch (sort of)

  10. Spider's Web (I think I have it right?)

  11. Seed stitch

  12. Fern stitch

  13. Couching stitch

  14. Algerian Eye

That's not many, is it? There are a drillion out there! who knew?

I can't really remember when I first learned how to do embroidery....I think my Mom must have taught me the basics (or maybe Gram?) My mother's work always amazed me. Her "back" was as perfect as her "front" (mine never was/is)...and even when I learned counted cross stitch and then got my mom and sisters hooked....I still never had "pretty backs" like Mom.

I had thought my great-grandmother taught my mom. But she tells me it was her own mom who taught her - (Gram's Raggedy Ann doll faces were examples of her precision work. Absolute perfection.) And for all these years I only knew the most basic stitches - French Knots, chain stitch, split stitch, lazy daisy, satin stitch. But I so admire the more elaborate stitches like I have seen in crazy quilts and other needlework projects (like everything Rebecca Sower and Pam Garrison do!)

And so I am determined to learn a few new tricks this month. I think I will start a little sampler to track my progress.....seriously in love with this and this and this...

Off to it I go...will share pics as I make progress!

**PS The photo has nothing to do with my stitching, obviously....but I couldn't post with a PHOTO. It's one of the THREE walks we took this weekend "to the creek." How stinkin cute is she with her baby in the backpack (there is another in the stroller, along with a pack of gum and some rocks.) Love her to the moon, I do, I do, I do.

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Niki lala said...

Awww I love that photo!!!! How cute!! It cracks me up what they decide is "important" to take with them on their walks -- Max used to put his "importants" in his bike "trunk" Love that! Wow I am impressed with your stitch knowledge!! I didn't even know there were so many out there! Who knew!? Miss and love you! xo