Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nostalgic Musings e-Course

Handmade journal - using Teesha Moore's tutorial
Oh my...lovin' me some art journaling these days!

Taking Hope Wallace Karney's Nostalgic Musings art journaling e-course...and love love love every bit of it so far. Cannot wait 'til tomorrow...first prompt arrives!! These photos are of the first two exercises. I can see doing many more spreads using these techniques/layouts. Loving how the watercolor looks - (as opposed to my usual acrylics and markers.)
Pages below are the first two exercises....cannot wait for the first prompt tomorrow!


Hope | Paper Relics said...

Your journal looks wonderful!

Cynthia said...

I love that you are doing art journals!!!!!! And posting again:) I miss you!!!!!!!! I saw on my google reader this morning:) yippee! Oh this class looks beyond fabulous!!! even the workshop logo! and your pages are true sooz perfection!!!!!!!!

jenwcom said...

LOVE this!! and LOVE you! So glad to "hear" your voice but I need to see those blue eyes!

Anna Willett said...

beautiful journal pages!!!

Cameron said...

Looooooove this, Sooz!!