Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's all about pretending, right? in fairy tales and make believe.

So pretend you can't see the gobs of hot glue which were needed to shore-up my attempts to hand tie the frame of twigs. (I had better luck with the canopy when I stripped down some twistie ties for the thin wire. Just right.)

And pretend that the left, front twig is not completely unsuited to serving as a bed post due to its curves. (It was dark out when I busted the twigs off the tree in the front yard, because, yes, I HAD to start this project the moment I got home from work on Thursday after seeing it on Emily Falconbridge's blog that day.)

Other than those minor issues - (hee!) - I am smitten with my version of The Princess and the Pea bed for Little Miss (ok, for ME and Little Miss!) You'll note the Princess in our version is sporting a gown of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party Polka Dots fabric for the bodice, and Liberty of London Tana Lawn in Navy/Red for her skirt. With that garb alone she is clearly a princess, right? (Note to self--metallic DMC floss is a b*tch to tie and KEEP tied. May have to replace her sash with some narrow ribbon...that is, if the gown lasts. Sirryha is in the habit of disrobing all of her dolls and tossing aside their clothes never to be worn again. Oh dear. Doesn't bode well for us enjoying Barbies much, eh? Maybe she will grow out of it? Moms? Yeah or nay? Is there any hope for me on this one?)

Sigh. Oh well. At least she didn't smash up the bed! (I am guessing it is NOT as sturdy at the one Miss Emily and her hubs created!) I think Sirryha sensed how fragile this whole game was for me! She right away wanted that GOWN OFF of the wee doll, and once we counted the mattresses and restacked them a few times, she went back to her other babies.

And, uh, yeah. For those who will ask---that stack is 20 mini mattresses. (I do have some standards! I Wiki'd the original story for the official count!)

Alas, Saturday was spent with her other dollies....and the Princess was undisturbed in her slumber atop the leaning tower of bedding! This is Sirryha putting all her babies down for a nap. Note the "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" instructions aimed at me!
Not sure why the dolls end up under the highchair all the time....seems a tent or playhouse is what I should be constructing, no?



Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh this is so flippin cute sooz:) And how cute is little miss shhhhhhhhh:)

Cameron said...

Beautiful, Sooz, love it!! :)

Aimee said...

cuter than law allows...the project and you and our beautiful girlie...all of you cuter than law allows. never change, my dear.
also--yes, dolls will be naked for quite a while and if S is like my K all collars and accessories will also be taken off of stuffed animals as well.
the nudity pahse will end and although Katie still does not play with Barbies...she loves dressing her American Girl dolls-- so there is hope. i still weep over the anti-Barbie stance K has...ohh, the pain.

Aimee said...

in that comment i meant to type--"your beautiful girlie"----xoxoxo