Saturday, April 08, 2006

Crocs Rock!

Let the record show that I fell in love with these LONG before I knew Diva Donna D had them!! My UGGS were my winter fabuloso LIME GREEN CROCS are taking over my heart now! And get this - I HAD TO BUY SIZE XS! EXTRA SMALL?? Oh yes--I will have to have these in every color (nothing else on my bod is or ever was extra small!) Expect to see me in a lot of green (at least til I get a pair in orange, or purple, or pink, or maybe blue....)


Aimee said...

i have to have a pair! have to, have to....i know what you mean about the size! I tried on an 8/9 and they fit! I am usually a size ten...oh, my tiny feet!

your feet look very cute:)

mchluv1 said...

you are nut case!